Chemise … by any other name

When I first started researching, one of the first sites I found was Katafalk‘s most excellent sewing site. I particularly fell in love with her embroidered cap.

sleeveThe cap is slightly earlier then what I am doing right now, but the idea of insertion embroidery quickly transferred to a chemise. I kept thinking about it … rather dreaming about it, and the chemise was next on my list so I thought … why not.

Arm Gore Insertion embroidery… not gonna lie, it took a long time, about 98 hours for the embroidery. Not to mention, pleating and attaching the collar … twice.

Still, I did find a short cut in the bargain bin at our local fabric shop. Its a tape for upholstering; for when you are applying decorative tacks to keep them evening spaced. Basically its tape with even measurements printed on it. Even so, I may still be working on this if I didn’t find it.

Over all I am happy with the chemise … although I may take the collar off again and make sure the seams are all even where they attach to the collar. This linen is fine and you can see the uneven seams. But for now … Im moving on’.


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