Cap “without a hat … it just looks like your wearing a long dress”

Domenico Ghirlandaio: Portrait of a Lady, 1480

Woman’s cap – from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I wanted to make a cap. The idea being here, to replicate as close to possible portraits of the time … I had a great tutorial from Katafalk for the structure to work from … But I really wanted an embroidered cap.

In the portraits you can see that there is embroidery, but its hard to see the pattern. So I struggled finding a motif.  until I found an beautiful embroidered cap on The Met’s web site.

What figured prominently on the cap was the couching with the metallic thread, and what set me free was that I could see in the extant example that it wasn’t perfect.

The process it’s self, is like wrapping a ribbon around an abnormally shaped Christmas present … and if its not perfect… well that’s OK.

I also added some bone beads around the front to try and recreate the look from my inspiration for this piece – Domenico Ghirlandaio: Portrait of a Lady, 1480.

100092096The only problem at this point is that its a little too fancy to wear with a linen dress… 


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